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Nitantic has updated Pokemon Go several times and more changes has been added in Pokemon Go. In the first version of Pokemon Go, PokeVision is a tracking system that help people find out Pokemon. But many people do not like to go outside find a bug that they use this tracking system to cheat in the game. They use Pokemon Go bots which can make a fake place for cheating. The user first provides a latitude and longitude as a starting point and some Pokémon Go account credentials to authenticate with the servers. The bot then finds any nearby Pokémon and simulates a 'walk' to the nearest one by sending spoofed GPS coordinates to the server at appropriate intervals. 
When the bot gets close enough to a Pokémon, it can use a simple API call to quickly catch it before moving on to the next target. This behavior broke the balance in the market and damage Nitantic’s profit. So Nitantic has announced that if anyone cheat in the game use the third program, he would be banned permanently. Nitantic has updated the app’s terms of use to state that players can banned for "falsifying your location, using emulators, modified or unofficial software and/or accessing Pokemon GO clients or backends in an unauthorized manner including through the use of third party software.
Recently a woman Mardoll just wants to say goodbye to her pokémon. Mardoll couldn't play the game as intended, so she used an Android emulator that we've discussed before that could be used with Windows to simulate using a normal Android smartphone. Such emulators let you set your GPS location, and she set it to mimic the area around her local park. Using buttons arranged for the four cardinal directions, she managed to capture pokémon much as she could at the actual site. By the beginning of last month, about the time Mardoll found herself locked out of her account, Niantic started issuing permanent bans for offenders.
She understands Niantic's concerns about cheating. She knows she broke Niantic's Terms of Service and "and was banned fair and square." But Mardoll hopes the trouble she's had makes developers think harder about including accessibility options. "And while they think about those options, it would be nice if they could not ban disabled people for finding work-arounds," she said. "Shutting out disabled people from major cultural phenomena like this helps no one and hurts a lot of people."
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