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After a long time of Pokemon Go mania, some dates elucidated that Pokemon Go crazy has declined. As we all know, Pokemon Go is a double-edged sword. Since its launch in New zealand, it becomes a global phenomenon quickly. The game encourage people go outside and look for Pokemon. The ultimate goal of this game is to complete the entries in the Pokédex. If you want to get new and specific Pokemon, you should leave your familiar area. After its launch, some report that the game help communicate with others. But traffic accidents and violent incidents happened incessantly. But Nitantic will not allow that Pokemon Go just exists as a transient fashion. NItantic has announced that they will update Pokemon Go frequently. 
The most controversial things is that Nitantic removed the PokeVision which is used to track Pokemon in the game. Nitantic said that it help players’ profit and ones who used Pokemon Go cheating program will be banned permanently. Although after the update, Nitantic added new tracking system in Pokemon Go, but it’s not same as PokeVision. Then Nitantic has added Pokemon Go Appraisal to help you choose the Pokemon used in battling in gyms. 
From the recent news, we can find that a buddy system will join in Pokemon Go. Apart from this, a "Trading" feature that lets players trade items by giving the item to a Pokémon. The game's terms of service show an update that confirms trading within Pokémon Go, according to Otakukart. Players can already have their Pokémon hold onto items (appropriately called "held items"). But the terms of service suggest that those items can be traded along with the Pokémon holding them — meaning, upon trading, players would receive not just the Pokémon themselves, but also any "held items" given to them by their previous trainer. As other Redditors responded, it's possible that the items wouldn't come with the trade, and that "items" in this case only refers to the Pokémon.
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