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It has been proven that users were crazy about playing World of Warcraft Classic after waiting hours for hours to enter their servers and for the mileage lines that form within the game itself. The hobby of some players is so great that there are even some who play away from home from their mobile phone!

This is what the user reallybadpennystocks of Reddit wanted to show by publishing a video in which we can see him play with his priest and using all the controls on the screen to execute the different actions of his character.

wow classic

Although he claims to be away about 160 kilometers from his computer, he can continue playing wherever he goes, even if he is not at home. The way to achieve this is thanks to the Steam Link application, which you can download through the App Store and Google Play, and adding WoW Classic to the library of games you have on Steam.

At the moment, his priest has level 17, although his intention is to reach the maximum level, something that seems to be willing to achieve it in any way.

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