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Since Pokémon Go’s Canadian release on Android and iOS devices on July 17, you can see many people attempt to catch Pokémon in the ordinarily sparsely populated public parks and sidewalks .Within its first week of the launch on July 6, Pokémon Go became the most downloaded app of all time in the App Store and, on Aug. 1, hit 100 million downloads. And it’s not opened to all the country and people who can not play the game are very anxious and looking forward to the indigenous server. It’s really an overnight game. What’s the popular Pokémon Go?
It’s a game produced by VR technology, it blurs the boundaries between virtual space and real space and encourage people go outside for catch Pokémon. The game works by tracking players’ GPS location, which positions their game avatars on a map of their area. Players then walk (or drive) to designated "PokéStops" (to collect free items) and "gyms" (to fight and train captured Pokémon) located on the map which correspond in the real world to buildings like libraries and churches and public areas like parks and monuments.
Though less common, PokéStops and gyms can also correspond to private buildings, as in the case of Freedom Skate & Snows’ wall of graffiti art. Brennan Lampitt, the manager at Freedom, says they were excited to be part of the game, but their ever-full parking lot hasn’t led to more traffic inside the store. Lampitt isn’t complaining though.So far, players have been respectful in instances where private property and, to a larger extent, public spaces are included as points on the game’s map.
The location-based design of the game also lends itself to meeting other players because everyone’s map has the same PokéStop and gym locations. You can see people walking around following their own map. You can meet quite a few new people. At gyms especially you can see who else is playing the game and you get to know them and see what team they’re on. It’s helpful to help you communicate with others while playing games. The other advantage is that you will love walking. It will keep you healthy.
Local player Tyler McKay, who has been a fan since the very first Game Boy games, heard from friends about Go and downloaded the app the first day it hit the online stores. His experience so far has been positive and, he says, he would recommend playing to anyone, even those who weren’t familiar with it previously, because it created an opportunity to get active.“You don’t even realize in a given day you’re walking five kilometres because it adds a challenge and a reward,” McKay says. “Since I’ve started playing I’ve walked 40 or 50 kilometres. The app tells you based on your GPS co-ordinates how far you’ve walked.” Although some unfortunate accident happened, such as found dead bodies and being mugged at PokéStop locations, falling off a cliff or having their car shot at for trespassing, the players haven’t been deterred.
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