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If you compare the vibe around Blizzard’s first mobile installment of the Diablo franchise in BlizzConline 2021 to the controversy surrounding the debut of Immortal back in 2019, the two couldn’t feel more different.

During the recent technical alpha for the game, Zierhut  notes that the Wizard class wasn’t quite living up to the fantasy - specifically when it came to kiting enemies using frost spells. He says that the team has already begun responding to this feedback by redesigning and compounding the effects of spells with a chill mechanic like Ray of Frost. For instance, “The longer period of time you hit [something] with Ray of Frost, the slower they get and the longer they stay slow.”

"The Diablo Immortal development team has made another significant shift and we are pleased to announce that we will soon open the gates of hell to a limited number of players in the technical alpha version. The main goal is to test the stability and functions of the game client across a wide range of devices, "says Blizzard in a report on the official website. The developers further explain that the test will take place exclusively on mobile phones with the Android operating system and only if the registered player has a suitable phone. Just looking at the graphics, it is clear that Diablo Immortal will not start on any device, which is subsequently confirmed by the frequently asked questions and answers section. Phones should have at least a Snapdragon 710 or Hisilicon Kirin 810 processor, at least 2 GB of RAM and an Adreno 616 graphics chip, ARM MAli-G52 and higher. The lowest supported version of the system is Lollipop, ie Android OS 5.0, but the hardware will be decisive anyway. When Diablo Immortal arrives on Apple phones, players with an iPhone 8 or better with at least iOS 12 will be able to play.

What phones are compatible with Diablo Immortal?
Because of the relatively small amount of confirmed information surrounding Diablo Immortal, the exact list of compatible devices isn't known at this time. However, we do know that the game will work on both Android and iOS devices, so any players with a new enough phone that runs either should be fine.

In the same earnings report, Daniel Alegre,President & Chief Operating Officer of Activision confirms that Diablo Immortal is on track for release later this year, and adds that based on regional testing, Immortal garnered excitement due to its “depth and authenticity.”

    Diablo Immortal concluded its first stage of regional testing with very positive player feedback. A lot of excitement about the depth and authenticity, that this latest Diablo experience and strong engagement metrics.

Lead game designer Wyatt Cheng then opened the topic of monetization in an information video on Twitter and indicated that Blizzard had approached it quite generously. "The main story quest and future content updates will be free. We won't limit you to any energy system and the new classes of heroes will be available to everyone, without having to pay anything in the game, ”says Cheng. All microtransactions should thus relate to the planned battle passes and emblems, which can modify the rifts described above, adjust their difficulty and, most importantly, increase the amount of loot that players take away after passing. The release date and the extension of the alpha version to other regions have not yet been announced. is the best seller of Diablo Immortal Gold with cheapest price and Fastest Delivery and Nice customer support. You can strength your character through buying Diablo Immortal equipment or items and Diablo Immortal Gold. Then why you can buy Diablo Immortal Gold from our website? has professional guys make Diablo Immortal Gold manually every day, any bots or illegal program is prohibited here, any illegal Diablo Immortal source is not allowed to be traded in our platform. At the same time, we would like to remind everyone kindly that do not buy Diablo Immortal Gold or Diablo Immortal Items from any strange website which has bad reputation.
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