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FUT 21 Coins The current gen version of FIFA 21 was released worldwide on October 9 and anyone who has already bought a copy of FIFA 21 on the current gen consoles will be given a free next gen upgrade if they manage to get their hands on one of the new next generation consoles including the PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

The new DualSense controller is one of the PS5's best selling points and it is used to good effect in FIFA 21. Every step taken is reflected with soft vibrations from the haptic feedback which match the pace of the player whether at casual jog or lung-busting sprint. Each pass and touch of the ball is met with a firm buzz that matches its power and even the referee's whistle is felt in the hands. Less successful is the use of the adaptive triggers. As a player gets more tired the sprint and jockey buttons become harder to pull but it's a bit too harshly implemented and isn't quite as immersive as the haptic feedback.

FIFA 21's release has also coincided with "baseless" legal action alleging that game scripting utilises another company's patented Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment technology to keep players buying loot boxes in the FIFA Ultimate Team game mode.

As for PS5-specific improvements FIFA 21's got the lot. Load times are now so non-existentFIFA 21 Ultimate Team Coins that pre-match skill games aren't even enabled by default. You just click 'play match' and you're in. Likewise menus are instantaneous — no annoying stutters or slight input lag as you pop them open. Everything's just... Immediate.

But in defence of EA SPORTS if was never going to feel like an entirely different game. We've seen a number of so called 'next gen' games released over the last few weeks which are remarkably similar to their current gen counterparts albeit with significant visual upgrades.

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