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Genshin Impact Account As a service game Genshin Impact has been designed to keep players happy since it was released. In addition to new characters this also includes expanding the map which is supposed to get bigger and bigger. A supposed leak now shows how much we could still expect. The dimensions of this map which may eventually be completely accessible are simply gigantic.

Although the arrival of future regions is still not completely confirmed Genshin Impact leaks state that players should expect the arrival of Dragonspine in December and the probable addition of Inazuma in March. On top of this players can see a new inaccessible in-game area "Chasm" on their maps as of the Version 1.1 update. This makes for at least three new areas that will probably arrive in the near future.

genshin impact

The image shared via Twitter contains blurred-out locations with labels indicating the name of the place and what kind of location it could be. These places include “Snezhnaya (Cryo),” “Inazuma (Electro),” “Natlan (Pyro),” “Fontaine (Hydro)” and “Sumero (Dendro).”

Unfortunately this is where the leak ends. In other words Genshin Impact Account for sale there are no accompanying details. While there's little room to doubt the validity of the leak what's not divulged is when these parts of the map will be added.

What is certain however is that the new Genshin Impact character Zhongli is now entering the game and of course also bringing his own prayer banner to the start.

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