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Remember we said before the Pokemon Go game more convenient version available on the PC platform, because you only need to be inside the home, control your PC, you can start playing the PC version of the computer game, and said here, Pokemon Go players will ask, then, what are the more practical PC version of Pokemon played ways, we introduce you to this knowledge.
① Compass: Perspective on the map interface switching direction. You can select refers to the North or you can follow your vision of the direction of rotation switch between [Auto]. In addition, you can also rotate direction by touching (Yagami simulator inside a mouse click and hold the left and right can change the direction of the drag, drag up and down switchable field).
② Hall Road: Take the training and fighting spirit of the place
Added: Road Museum player needs to reach level 5 to enter, for the first time to enter the Hall Road can trigger camp selection screen, choose their camp from the red, yellow, blue. So far into the game do not see there is a museum on the road toward that excited impulse, first leveling is king.

③ Pocket Station: get training home place items, such as elves ball, vulnerary and elves eggs added: shake pocket station available items is based on the player's level, the higher level players can shake the categories of items more, found only players to reach 12, to shake surplus ball, before the ball can roll out the red and white
④ Trainer: Your character added: rotation in place, the game will be the role of rotation (rotating reference ① point), you can see the approximate location where you want forward direction
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