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Nook’s Cranny has been one of the pillars of Animal Crossing since the very first game, letting you go and throw Bells at all sorts of furniture with which to decorate your home. It’s had a bit of an upgrade in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, offering more types of product for you to purchase.Nook’s Cranny isn’t open on day one when you move to the island, but instead needs a bit of graft to unlock and build. Eventually, it’ll upgrade even further, turning it into something more like the General Store. Here’s how to do both stages.

First things first: be patient. Unlike previous entries in the series, Nook's Cranny won't upgrade simply by spending money at the store. That is still a pre-requisite, but the biggest factor is time. After 29-30 days of being an active resident on your island, the store will automatically close and renovate into a bigger version. You can speed the process up by time skipping, but you'll need to change your system's clock by a single day and then relaunch the game. You can't just do all 29 days at once.

The second step is related to bells. You'll have to accumulate 200,000 bells spent/earned at the store. This means you spend a lot of money and sell a lot of items to the Nooklings. You'll likely have this without even trying, but you can just visit once a day and buy some random things to make sure you have it. If you are in need of Cheap ACNH Materials, come to, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online and 3% off with a coupon code “5MMO”.

Lastly, Mable of the Able Sisters needs to have visited your island at least once. You don't need to unlock the Able Sisters' store, but this prickly hedgehog must be at your island at least once to upgrade Nook's Cranny. You can spot her near your Resident Services Building on random days selling some goods. Talking to her is key to unlocking the store, so if you have that, you're all good.

Once you've met all these conditions, your store should upgrade on its own after the required time has passed. We're not sure if future upgrades will have the same steps or not, but it seems Nintendo packed a lot more waiting into New Horizons. That's perfectly fine as we all deal with self-isolation.
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