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Pokemon Go has brought a great fashion recently. What’s Pokemon Go? Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game supported by IOS and Android platform and it’s free to download. The game use the devices’ GPS capability to locate and capture Pokemon. And there are Pokestops and Pokemon gyms are set in public area and little in private area. You can get the Poke balls and items which are used to catch Pokemon in Pokestops and battle in Pokemon gyms. A lot of people influx into these areas so many government acquired no Pokemon zones and some residents make an appeal to Nitantic for setting the Pokestops and gyms in their personal area. 
Pokemon Go encourage people go outside and communicate with others for enjoying the game together. But it also caused many traffic accidents and violent events. All the positive and negative news show how popular Pokemon Go is! But now maybe the crazy of Pokemon Go is over. Why I said that? The data reveals that Pokémon GO's userbase has dropped by over 20 percent since its peak usage last month. It's a well-known fact among analysts that mobile games have rather low retention rates, with even the most popular ones retaining only about 30 percent of players a week after they first download the game. 
On average, mobile games only retain about 15 percent a month after installation. However, Pokémon GO looked like it would be an exception to that rule, with the game having an unprecedented 60 percent retention rate during its peak in mid-July. Why? Maybe as teens head to college and kids and adults prepare for the school year, and especially once the school year kicks off in earnest, time outside will be significantly curbed. The game encourage people go outside so may people will have no time to play Pokemon Go. Or people are just dissatisfied about the game with frequent updates for users and in-app purchases driving revenue for Niantic.
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