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Pokemon Go is a new game which fuse old fashion and modern life. Since its launch, it becomes a global phenomenon. It seems easy to operate the app to catch the Pokemon. But if you are adept in playing games, you know each game needs strategy to help play well. If you just play Pokemon Go with the flow, you must chasing after people. It’s not useful to find the funny of this game. If you never do any research, there are all kinds of tips, tricks and easter eggs you’ll likely never find. But if and when you finally do decide to use the internet to improve your Pokemon Go game, you might want to watch out for tips that seem reasonable, but have been proven false.
You know incense is the item which help you attract Pokemon. When you use the incense, Pokemon will go to the place where incense exists. But incense only works when you walk which is actually half true. Digging into the code, one Reddit user discovered that the time between Pokemon encounters is listed at 300 seconds when a trainer is standing still with an active incense, while the time between encounters shrinks to just 60 seconds when the game detects that the trainer is moving. So you can use your incense while you’re sitting around watching TV, but you’ll get a lot more use out of it if you grab your phone and walk around the neighborhood.
We know if we want to capture specific Pokemon, it’s best to look for Pokémon near their habitat. For example, if you’re on the beach or at a pier, you’re likely to find Water-type Pokémon. However, if you’re in a desert climate, you would be much less likely to find Water-type Pokémon. You are more likely to find Fire-type Pokemon in a desert and Water-type Pokemon. But according to extensive research, Pokemon Go community The Silph Road found very little evidence that rainfall affected the spawn rate of any specific kind of Pokemon. Just because you feel like you see more Magikarps went the sky opens up doesn’t mean the game is actually aware that it’s raining. 
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