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Home > News > Knives Out and China Science Daily started cooperation today to help young people’s aerospace dreams
On December, Knives Out joined hands with China Science Daily to jointly launch the first phase of "Knives Out Space Special Operation", which aims to help young players and friends to better understand the great achievements of China's aerospace and open the door to space exploration.
In 2020, China's astronomy and space industry will bear fruit. Tianwen-1 was successfully launched, and China's journey to explore Mars officially set sail; China's Skyeye 500-meter spherical radio telescope was officially put into operation this year. At the same time, the construction of Beidou 3 was completed, and China became the third country in the world with global satellite navigation.
In order to let young people better understand the great achievements of China's spaceflight, the first issue of Knives Out & China Science Daily's "Knives Out Space Special Operation" officially opened today.

  Knives Out

This event is fortunate to invite "Xu Ying", a researcher at the Institute of Aerospace Information Innovation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beidou navigation system scientist "Xu Ying" as a scientific consultant to provide scientific knowledge and suggestions for this event.
"Knives Out Space Special Operation"
In order to let young players and friends better understand the great achievements of China's aerospace, Knives Out also launched the "China Aerospace Achievement Tour" H5 popular science activity in the game. The "Roaming of China's Aerospace Achievements" module in H5 contains the display of China's aerospace achievements since the founding of the People's Republic of China, fully demonstrating my country's unremitting efforts in aerospace astronomy. The "Aerospace Science Knowledge Questions and Answers" module provides a series of interesting questions and answers about aerospace knowledge. Players can make full use of the knowledge learned in the last module to answer questions and get rewards.
Knives Outx China Science Daily Cooperation Phase I
Not only that, Knives Out also launched the "Knives Out Space·Launch Project" activity in the game. Players can collect the "Navigation Satellite 3" fragments in the game. After collecting all the fragments, they can combine them into a complete picture. This is a tribute to "Beidou 3". The Beidou navigation satellites were launched one by one and finally completed, showing China a broad panorama of the world.
The first issue of "Knives Out Space Special Operation" is a brand new science experiment of "China Science Daily". China Science Daily is the only news media unit under the Chinese Academy of Sciences approved by the National Press and Publication Administration. It adheres to the industry media positioning of "based on the Chinese Academy of Sciences and faces the science and education sector" and actively promotes science. Knives Out has the characteristics of natural and better simulation of reality, which can convey the expression of scientific knowledge in a simple and simple way. At the same time, Knives Out can also help these great achievements of the motherland achieve better overseas exchanges.
The science popularization cause has a long way to go, and the second phase of "Knives Out Space Special Operation" is also being planned. In the second phase of the future, Knives Out will invite more young and promising scientists and aspiring players to join in and develop new game content with the theme of "Exploring Space".
I believe that such a cooperative attempt can make popular science knowledge more vivid and fascinating, and it can also make young friends better understand the spirit of China's spaceflight, and plant the seeds of China's spaceflight in the hearts of young friends. It is expected that they will thrive in the future and become the backbone of China's aerospace industry. If you want to know which is the best place to buy Knives Out Vouchers, come to We assure you will find what you want.
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