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The previous period is all the same, the bright colors are determined, the color gray is the exit, discard, etc. need to consider. The syrup in the lower left corner of the backpack should be the decomposition equipment for the stars. If you sell it, you have to go to the town where you have an English npc. The task has automatic pathfinding. The task has which is to let you go to blame, or something that falls out after screaming. It is usually in the picture after the automatic pathfinding is finished. Find a boss on this map that is different from other monsters.
The skill bar has a button that raises the head and is the upgrade skill. Next to it is the way to drag the skill to the shortcut. Long press the potion icon to switch between different types of potions. When you copy the copy, you can re-enter the copy when you quit the game.

MapleStory M Gameplay


Players may feel that the time to enter the copy is only 30 minutes it can only take 30 minutes after entering the dungeon, it feels a bit awkward. However, after entering the copy, the players do not need to spend, this 30 minutes.Let's play for a while, we think Especially tired, it doesn’t take time to re-enter the copy.
If the players are Lv 60 or higher, the equipment that should be used by everyone is 54-58 level equipment, level 60 weapons, but in order to scrape the copy, start equipment and weapon reinforcement. If you are you looking for more about Buy Maple Story M Mesos check out our website. When you go to the 60th grade copy, some of the drugs are sold. When you copy a copy, the player can get a lot of drugs, so we recommend that if the player feels that he has more drugs, sell it in the store, then look at the store to buy the equipment you need, experience card, etc.
In fact, when the Lv1 - 50 level, generally do not use Buff drugs to quickly complete the task, upgrade. However, Lv 60 should use Buff drugs afterwards. Recently, through the activities, the mission players should have Buff drugs in their backpacks. The Buff drugs that can be used after entering the copy can be used directly. Boss wars, don't care When you copy the Buff drug, you will quickly blame it. And with empirical drugs, it’s easier to get experience points. Start Fever mode, increase the speed of movement, attack speed, experience value. On MapleStory M, the copy can be done free of charge every day.
After 3 times, you can buy a copy of the pass in the store. Brush the copy, exit, death will not reduce the time. After completing the copy task, the rest of the time can be a copy of their own, today we introduce the intermediate recommended Raiders. We hope everyone to see the Raiders, together to overcome the intermediate stage.
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