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Microsoft isn’t planning to rename Xbox Live or discontinue Xbox Live Gold. Rumors of an Xbox Live rename appeared this week, after Microsoft announced changes to its services agreement. The software giant started referring to Xbox Live as the “Xbox online service,” prompting some to assume Xbox Live was going away.

"The update to 'Xbox online service' in the Microsoft Services Agreement refers to the underlying Xbox service that includes features like cross-saves and friend requests," Microsoft told GameSpot. "This language update is intended to distinguish that underlying service, and the paid Xbox Live Gold subscription. There are no changes being made to the experience of the service or Xbox Live Gold."

In other words, that service agreement change was just what it appeared to be: a verbiage thing and nothing more. This statement will put to rest any rumors that Xbox Live Gold is being discontinued entirely in favor of a more unified online component. That said, the wording around "the experience of the service" leaves the door open for more incremental changes, which would be expected of any service adding a new platform – in this case, Xbox Series X – to its roster. By the way, you can buy cheap Xbox Gift Card from, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “Z2U”.

While it’s clear Xbox Live Gold isn’t going away, Microsoft’s statement doesn’t mean the service won’t be made free at some point in the future. Microsoft still requires Xbox One owners, and potentially Xbox Series X owners, to purchase an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play multiplayer games online. Windows 10 players of Xbox Live-enabled games do not require the same subscription, however.

Microsoft isn’t specifically commenting about the free rumors around Xbox Live, which started when the company removed the 12-month option for Xbox Live Gold from its online store last month. It’s clear today that the company isn’t planning on discontinuing Xbox Live Gold specifically or renaming Xbox Live.
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