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My Talking Angela, the customizable, fashion-inspired app from Outfit7 Limited’s prominent female feline character, Talking Angela, has skyrocketed into stardom. Garnering over 185 million downloads and topping the #1 app spot in 120 countries in its first year, My Talking Angela is among the top performing apps within the Talking Tom and Friends juggernaut franchise, the company announced today.

Since its launch last December, My Talking Angela players have helped the chic and classy character change dresses over 357 million times, renovate her apartment 525 million times, and apply makeup 667 million different times.  In addition, fans have devotedly spent over 16.8 million hours purring over the app’s various mini-games – equivalent to 46,680 years.  Encouraging discovery and creative game play, the app is a glamorous escape into a cheerful and welcoming world filled with fashion and flair. Fans help Angela grow from a baby kitten to stylish superstar by feeding and caring for her though nine stages, unlocking exciting new activities, and earning coins along the way.

Players start with a baby kitten, and must feed it, tuck it into bed, give it baths, brush its teeth and so on. Players earn coins and experience points as they complete actions, and will receive sticker packs as they level up. These stickers are split into multiple pieces, so players may need to collect two or three individual parts to create a final sticker. If you want to know where is the safest place to buy My Talking Angela Accounts, I think is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it's very safe.

In addition to stick packs, players unlock new hairstyles, clothing items and other rewards as they level up. These can be purchased with coins.In terms of mini-games, players can start by playing a Breakout-style brick breaker game, and another that challenges players to drag shapes into specific configurations to fill a box at the top of the screen.

My Talking Angela includes all the iconic, innovative features that has brought the Talking Tom and Friends app franchise global acclaim in recent years. This cute kitty will talk back to fans and react to tickles and nudges in Angela's comic fashion.
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