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World of Warcraft Classic Gold The final vanilla raid Naxxramas has already gone live in World of Warcraft Classic. It’ll probably result in new impressive achievements by the community much like one of the older raids being completed in the most complicated way possible.

The 40-person Naxxramas (Naxx) raid is now live in WoW Classic. Blizzard put out a trailer for the raid below which is absolutely wild to see in 2020. So many memories are flooding back! Naxx felt like a punishing and proper end to Vanilla WoW and a great way to usher in the new era of Burning Crusade. Now we see what Blizzard has planned next: a new announcement in February for BlizzCon online sounds likely.

World of Warcraft Classic

Alongside this the Scourge invasion event has begun which will run for four weeks and is again for level 60s only. This follows the standard WoW template of bashing Scourge baddies at the behest of a commander and then buying sweet gear from him with the receipts.

Progress started out the instance by doing the four-boss Abomination Wing followed by the easier Spider Wing. After that WOW Classic Gold the group took out the Plague Wing easily before tackling the Military Quarter which has one of the toughest bosses in the instance Four Horsemen.

While WoW Classic remains encapsulated in time regular World of Warcraft has recently seen the advent of the most revolutionary expansion Shadowlands which changes the game significantly. Blizzard supports the idea of its successful MMORPG evolve over time and this approach is most sensibly delivered through the latest add-on. The most considerable change is the way the story unfolds. The core narrative is completely linear with players being able to visit new areas exclusively in a strict order. Interestingly it helps to deliver the main plot much better than in previous expansions.

Many have wondered whether WoW Classic would be a flash-in-the-pan nostalgia hit before everyone returned to WoW Retail but Blizzard itself was always confident this version of the game would have long-term appeal.

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