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NBA 2K21 MT 2K Sports is the first developer to give us a sports game on the new consoles with NBA 2K21. Without having any real knowledge of either the sport or the game series I decided to try out the new basketball game to see how it stacked up on the new-generation hardware.

Delivering such a big improvement in quality is quite an achievement. While it may not seem this way on the surface sports games are - from what I can tell - one of the more difficult genres to work on. Truncated development schedules require annual entries in each series meaning less time between each release but more than that these games have to match up to a properly 'real' experience often delivered with a TV-like presentation. A game like NBA 2K21 needs to deal with real people in real places performing complex interlinking actions. If you're off by even a hair you're diving straight into uncanny valley.

It is clear that 2K Games and Visual Concepts have played their most difficult match in a long time: not only were they forced to overcome the previous bars - that is those of their own saga - but they dared to deal with decisions as unpopular as being the first to announce the price of next-gen games or introduce less subtle advertising into the experience.

2K claims it's a game made from scratch for new consoles and that's only half true. The graphics have beenCheap NBA 2K21 MT enhanced in a beastly way the gameplay has been tweaked and there is a lot of new content but there are also quite a few things inherited from the delivery for the 'last' generation.

Not only through the hardware and technical potential of Xbox Series X and PS5 but with very specific details such as non-existent load times that make there is no going back. Finally achieving and after an irregular streak a gaming experience that can only be defined as a new generation.

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