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Moon Elf is one of three Elf races in Neverwinter, they live in dark permanently, use dark spells and adapt in dodge attacks to protect themselves. It’s just a kind of PvP like it in other MMORPGs, but Cryptic Studios make a cool name for the group PvP mode in Neverwinter. Travel and exploration are major activitiex of Moon Elf race. Though they live in groups, they prefer to act individually like an assassin.
Neverwinter features many snowy scenes, because the game name features “winter”. You five players can’t move too far in a circle, and synergy with each other to maintain the survival. Racial traits: extra 2 Int, 2 Dex, and 2 Cha. Moonlight forest are the resident place of Moon Elf, where they can absorb moonlight power to increase their magic power and ability. If you hear someone call Sun Elf “Gold Elf”, don’t surprise, it’s the surname of this race.

 Neverwinter Skirmish

It’s a game emphasized on gameplay and quests, you will never see combat or PvP in home town or cities. The Skirmish provides higher exp for gamers, so most of gamers are willing to play the special PvE mode in Neverwinter. Sun Elf have very different appearance with Moon Elf, but very similar in body shape, after all, they are same race many many years ago in Neverwinter land.
The Moon Elf race provides 2 points buff for all stats, it equals to 3 level up state, and 3% atk and crt for damage. This is the last Guide for Neverwinter Skirmish and Races, if you like our article please follow, where you can get best guide for farming and PvP in Neverwinter. Buy Cheap Neverwinter Zen Account to avoid tedious farming in Neverwinter is you best choice to level up fast and win more in PvP.
Moon Elf is different from Half-Elf or Sun Elf, they are more likely to be created by PvP fan of Neverwinter, while the other 2 races are PvE oriented, I don’t know. But this is a challenge mode, you won’t really die when you fail to clear a certain wave. The tail-in work of skirmishes is to collect the loots, you will find many useful weapons and Redzen and forging materials. 
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