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Pokemon Go is a massively popular game and you know if you want to play these game, you must use your phones’ GPS capability to locate and capture Pokemon. Someone do not think it’s an important thing, but if it’s leaked and your private information are also leaked. Of course, location data is necessary for the game to function — players catch Pokémon and visit PokéStops that are nearby, so the app has to know where they are. But the app also gathers information about the device the player is using, and Niantic says it might soon collect information about the user’s language preferences.
Niantic, the makers of Pokémon Go, responded today to a letter from Sen. Al Franken that questioned the wildly popular game’s privacy features. Pokémon Go kicked up controversy soon after its release when some players using iOS noticed that the game required full access and control over their Google accounts. Niantic blamed a bug and the issue was quickly resolved, but questions about how much the app invades users’ privacy remained, and ultimately led to the inquiry by Sen. Franken.
The Minnesota senator asked Niantic to explain several key details about how Pokémon Go works, including whether all the data collection was necessary, how data will be shared and how parental consent is obtained for kids who play the game. Niantic defended the game’s use of players’ location data and explained how it collects consent from the parents of players under the age of 13. Niantic said that requesting those permissions was an oversight, and as of July 12, the game only requests limited access to Google account information. 
The company's general counsel Courtney Power wrote in the letter that "Niantic never sought, accessed, nor received any data other than a user's Google ID and email address through authentication." The letter also claims that although Niantic collects user information directly from the Pokemon Go app, including the player's location, it doesn't share that data. The company also clarified how and why it shares data with third parties. “Niantic does not and has no plans to sell Pokémon Go user data — aggregated, de-identified or otherwise — to any third party,” Power wrote. 
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