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Although it seems the mania of Pokemon Go is over, the game is not dead yet. At an Apple event on Sept. 7, Niantic CEO John Hanke said 500 million people had downloaded the game in just two months. It was the first mobile game to go mainstream in a big way since Candy Crush in 2014 or Angry Birds in 2012. Just like Candy Crush, the mania is over. But what should Nitantic do to keep the game alive? Recently Nitantic has updated the Pokemon Go frequently. Compare to the first version of Pokemon Go, the game has changed greatly. 
The most popular tracking system maybe return back this time. And in other aspects, Nitantic has added new buddy system to increase the funny when you are playing Pokemon Go. It will allow you to choose a Pokemon that'll walk alongside your avatar, earning you Pokemon candies in the process. Some Pokemon would walk alongside you, others will fly and some will even sit on your shoulder. The buddy system will be the second great changes in Pokemon Go after Pokemon Go Appraisal which teaches players about their Pokemon's battling readiness. 
The latest patch now allows users to a view a Pokémon's capture location on its information screen. Now, newly caught Pokémon (and monsters you already own) will display a map with the pinned location of capture and date. This neat little feature would seem a lot cooler if Niantic hadn't already included a capture location map in the original version of Pokémon Go. The function was hampered by the game's initial server issues, prompting Niantic to remove the feature. 
Niantic also claims to have addressed minor bug fixes in the new update, and promises that more "exciting features and changes" are coming soon. Rumors suggest that player-to-player trading and battling could be part of Niantic's next major update. Those features are integral parts of the original Pokémon games and could certainly halt the decline of Pokémon Go's user base. 
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