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Hey, everybody! iPhone 7 has released before dawn. And a exciting news that you will able to catch Pokemon on your Apple watch. Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that use devices’ GPS capability to locate and capture Pokemon in reality world. You can see the virtual Pokemon in your phone screen. The game broke the barrier between virtual space and real space. And it’s helpful to bring people back real world. Notwithstanding there are a lot of negative impacts of Pokemon Go, it still becomes a global phenomenon. 
We know that if you want to catch a Pokemon, you should keep looking and your phone screen always keep alight. As a result, the battery is easy to damage. Now the great news is coming that you will able to capture Pokemon on your Apple watch. Apple and Nintendo announced the news at the big Apple event on Wednesday, in which the companies announced the iPhone 7 and revealed that a Mario game will — finally! — be coming to mobile devices (specifically the iPhone). While the details of the Apple Watch version aren’t totally clear, it seems like it will by and large play the same, with some changes to the interface to be playable on a much smaller screen. 
In expanding the game to another platform, Nintendo and Niantic, the creators of Pokémon Go, are likely trying to give the game another life after it lost some of the hype that engulfed it in July. (The game still remains quite popular for a mobile game, but it doesn’t feel like the cultural phenomenon it was just a couple of months ago.) But as if that wasn’t enough, the companies followed up with the news that Pokémon Go is coming to the Apple Watch. So soon enough, you’ll be able to catch, train, and hatch (from eggs) Pokémon while checking the time.
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