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Although we know that Pokemon Go has caused many traffic accidents and violent incidents, the security problems has not be cared too much. But now Pokemon Go players raise concerns to federal government. You can Go to Polygon to see the full document that outlines the Pokemon Go complaints sent in to the FTC. Anyone can file a complaint with the FTC at its website. With Pokemon Go having reached 500 million downloads, 72 complaints actually seems like a low number. Whether or not the FTC announces any measures against Niantic about Pokemon Go remains to be seen.
Pokemon Go has been killing people in these aspects. Not only child but also adults, they always playing Pokemon Go while driving. "I almost killed a child today who was riding his bike and veered into the roadway holding his cell phone up," someone wrote in their complaint. "I have many friends and family member who report similar instances and I see on the news it is possible a death occurred due to this game and countless injuries and even attacks on those not paying attention to their surroundings. This has to be one of the most unsafe products out!" 
And on the other aspects, Pokemon Go would come and ask to enter private areas to find creatures. It’s easy to happen violent incidents. People would be angry to be refused. But the house holder are exhausted to be asked for entering their private areas and they are angry with Nitantic. In August, a metro Detroit couple filed a class-action lawsuit against Niantic over Pokemon Go. They are trying to stop Niantic from putting Pokemon on or near private properties, unless it has an owner's blessing. They are also requesting that Niantic give a portion of Pokemon Go's revenue to residents whose properties are claimed to have fueled the game's wild popularity.
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