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Since the launch of Pokemon Go, it has half of a year. The game drives many people crazy and it also brings many ventures. Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game and it use the devices’ GPS capability to locate, capture, battle, and train virtual creatures, called Pokémon, who appear on the screen as if they were in the same real-world location as the player. It is free to play. And after its launch, you can see many people walking in the street for looking for Pokemon. 
At the first Pokemon Go version, Nitantic has designed PokeVision for people to find Pokemon conveniently. But so many people do not like to go outside and they choose to cheat in the game with Pokemon Go bots. The user first provides a latitude and longitude as a starting point and some Pokémon Go account credentials to authenticate with the servers. The bot then finds any nearby Pokémon (using those previously discussed mapping functions) and simulates a 'walk' to the nearest one by sending spoofed GPS coordinates to the server at appropriate intervals. When the bot gets close enough to a Pokémon, it can use a simple API call to quickly catch it before moving on to the next target. The user get the very best with little effort. These kinds of cheating program hurt the profit of Nitantic and players. So recently Nitantic has announced that who cheat in the game would be banned permanently. 
This time Nitantic updated Pokemon Go again, rather than strip the game of important functions, the latest Pokémon GO update actually added a major function to the overall experience. Niantic has made sure that you no longer need to log into any third party calculators to judge Pokémon’s potential. The new “Pokémon Appraisal” function will lay out the specifics of each monster you catch, allowing hardcore and professional players to select only the best to train. When the update launches, simply ask your team leader their thoughts on a specific monster. He or she will to judge your Pokémon’s attack, defense, chances of success in a gym battle, and overall potential.
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