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If you notice the sidewalks teeming with packs of children and adults chasing virtual creatures on their smartphone screens, do not be suprised. They are playing the popular game Pokémon Go. The game blure the boundaries between virtual world and real world. It encourage people to go outside and look for Pokémon. The game mode is so interesting but the other reason of its success is its nostalgic appeal. As the Pokémon Go mania, some other phenomena appears.
Pokémon Go accounts are popping up on eBay, and parts of auctioning sites are dedicated to bidding on them. Take for example, a player from Canada who’s selling a level 25 account for $100, a level 30 account for $400, and a level 35 for $1000. The prices vary wildly based on where you go: for example, one site is offering a level 32 account for just $60. And yet, that’s exactly what’s happening. Just how honest these sellers are is questionable; while eBay has buyer protection when paying with Paypal, other sites may require more trust.
It’s complicated to calculate the real value of a Pokémon Go account: experience points (XP), which are used to level up, can be accumulated at different rates depending on your strategy. It also becomes exponentially harder to level up the longer you play. For instance, it takes 45,000 XP to reach level 10, but as soon as you hit level 20, it’ll take another 50,000 XP just to reach level 21.Some account sellers are attaining high-level accounts without doing the work themselves by using computer programs called‘bots’that automatically fake the location of the accounts, collect Pokémon in far away places, and gather PokéBalls from various PokéStops. That allows them to collect a ton of Pokémon at a rate much faster than someone who walks around actually playing the game.
But if you want to quit your job and turn to sell the Pokémon Go Account, it’s silly. You should keep in mind that Pokémon Go’s creator, Niantic, Inc. Isn’t going to just let you buy and sell accounts like you’re at a supermarket—the game’s Terms of Service specifically prohibit you from selling or renting your account. They can also “remove or disable access to any Content, at any time and without notice” or, in other words, ban your account at a whim.
However, if you’ve grown your Pokémon Go account into something glorious but have decided to retire from the game, you may be able to find another player willing to take it off your hands for some cash. On the other hand, the Pokémon Go Account sales online is also reliable. It really can help you play the game more easily.
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