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Pokémon Go has been a very popular game. We know that the game will have a unique platform, sometimes when we play games, we may be in a relatively quiet environment, may require special equipment. But Pokémon Go gives you a different gaming experience. Whether you are office workers or students, as long as the spare, pick up your phone, you can play Pokémon Go game with our friends.
Pokémon Go's latest update is out, and it restores the battery-saving mode that mysteriously disappeared from the previous version of the iOS app. To use it, hold your phone upside-down while playing; the screen will dim, so you can walk around and wait for pokémon to buzz you without the need to constantly watch your phone. When you hear the phone wizard prompts, you can enter the Pokemon game modes, user-friendly design, you don't need pay a lot of time to let you come into the game. 

You can do other things, while enjoying the fun of the game Pokemon. Elsewhere, the version 1.3 update adds images of the three previously silhouetted team leaders Candela, Blanche, and Spark (named in order of awesomeness); lets you change your trainer's name once and only once; and fixes various other bugs. Your curveball pokéball throws should now be more accurate!
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