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Niantic is the developer of the massively popular Pokemon Go who spun off from Google in 2015 in partnership with Nintendo and its partly owned Pokemon Company. Pokemon Go has achieved the most great success as a phone game. The game use the devices’ GPS capability to locate and capture Pokemon. It’s said that the game use the VR technology and it’s not a virtual real game but an augmented reality game. The game encourage people go outside and search for Pokemon in their unfamiliar area. Nitantic wants to bring people back reality and enjoy the wonderful life. And it did but also did not. 
The game bring people back real world. But they are still addicted in game, you can see so many people stare at their phone screen to chase after Pokemon. What’s more, they care less about their personal security and social rules. They play Pokemon Go while driving. And someone leaves their house to chase after Pokemon at midnight. Even some people leave their little children in the house alone and go out for playing Pokemon Go. The reports about the traffic accidents and violent incidents happened frequently. And other big problem is that they always trespass on private property. 
In this sense, Niantic has been careful. At the beginning of each game Pokemon Go instructs players not to trespass on private property, which means while a player who trespasses could potentially be prosecuted, the company itself can't, said Wassom. Meanwhile, the placing of Pokestops - places where players collect virtual Pokeballs to help them move forward in the game - has fuelled consternation when they appeared in some surprising spots, including Washington's Holocaust museum, New York's September 11 memorial and a Cambodian genocide museum.
"A lot of people are convinced that because they own their property, they ought to be able to control the virtual space," said Brian Wassom, a lawyer at Michigan's Warner Norcross & Judd with expertise in augmented reality. "I think they're going to come to the answer which I have come to, which is: no, you can't," he said in a phone interview. He said land rights only apply when there has been something or someone physically present on the property. However, this distinction is becoming blurred as more and more examples of the power the digital world can hold over specific geographical spots emerge.
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