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Probably when we were kids, we fantasize about the existence of elves in the world, and small partners when we go out to play, we'll see a beautiful spirit in scenic places, perhaps, when we came to the mountains there, we'll see little World of Warcraft has a strange ability. Now we Pokemon game to meet the aspirations of your childhood. You just need to pick up your portable cell phone, when you play in the gap, we will let you experience the spirit of Pokemon hunt in, perhaps in a certain crossroad.
Pokemon Go will make you appear all the time there are surprises. So without telling you exactly where a Pokémon is, it gives you a big, huge hint. Using the PokéStop as a marker is a good general guide, and the little circle here gives you an idea of where to search. I'm not totally sure what the pawprints mean in this context, but I'm assuming they show distance between you and the Pokémon. 

Why am I seeing this when other players aren't? Hard to say. But it sounds like Niantic is testing a few ideas among different groups of users. Personally, though I haven't really taken this new method for a real-world spin, it seems like a very cool idea — hopefully, when Niantic is ready to roll it out for real to everyone, it'll look like this. One feature in the update that you might not see yet is a new version of the "Nearby Pokémon" feature; currently in testing, it'll show you which pokéstop to go to for the best chance of finding a specific pokémon.
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