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We know that Pokemon Go is a massively augmented reality game which use the devices’ GPS capability to capture Pokemon. And since its launch, Pokemon Go has achieved great success. The game brings great business opportunities. And on the other aspect, government and people take care of its negative effects. Pokemon Go encourage people go outside and look for Pokemon Go. It means that players should leave their familiar area and search new area for Pokemon. For the incessantly negative reports, Nitantic has taken some treasures to avoid the incidents. And governments also require Nitantic to remove some Pokestops in inappropriate area. But there are still incidents happened. 
On Saturday, Russian officials announced that atheist vlogger Ruslan Sokolovsky has been detained for two months for “inciting hatred” and “insulting religious feelings” after posting a video of himself playing Pokémon Go inside a historic cathedral. He reportedly faces up to five years in jail if convicted. Someone think catching Pokémon is not an insult to religious feelings, because it is simply the use of a mobile phone application within religious buildings. But compare to other incidents, it is not just encroaching the wrong buildings. 
In July, state-owned news channel Russia-24 warned that Pokémon Go users could be jailed under Russia’s strict anti-blasphemy laws if they played the game in church. In protest, Sokolovsky filmed himself catching Pokémon in Yekaterinburg’s Church of All Saints and shared the footage on YouTube. In my opinion, I think his behavior is really improper. Sokolovsky is not just a passerby and he is a well-known young blogger in the city. “It is clear that Mr. Sokolovsky was not a casual passerby, who in a fit of gaming passion went into the temple, but rather a well-known young blogger in the city, who works in the style of Charlie Hebdo,” wrote Vladimir Legoyda on Facebook. So his behavior may cause to follow. 
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