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At the start of its first official season, Rogue Company received the biggest update in its young history. The update for the shooter from First Watch Games is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC - the game is also available on Xbox Series X & S, where Rogue Company has been free to play since the consoles were released.

The shooter relies on different game modes in 4v4:

    Extraction: Hack the target as an attacker or prevent your opponent from doing so as a defender. If the target is hacked or all players on a team are defeated, the round is over.
    Strikeout: Like Extraction, but each team has a certain number of tickets to bring fallen rogues back into play. Strikeout mixes extraction with a kind of deathmatch.
    Demolition: Classic bomb mode. One team has to plant a bomb in a given time, the other team has to prevent it.

New mercenary: Kestrel
As of today, the new playable mercenary from Rogue Company, Kestrel, is available. It can be released for free, just playing games, just like its already exuberant counterparts.

One of the founders of the Rogue Company, Kestrel has long since retired. But today, this elite organization needs her to come back, to make the confrontation with Jackal more just. Kestrel fulfilled the request, and with great class.

Battle Pass
Our Season One Battle Pass features droves of all-new cosmetic content, including sprays, avatars, weapon wraps, and four exciting new Rogue outfits. If you favor snipers, you’ll want to train your sights on the new One Shot One Kill Fixer, a stylish new outfit that unlocks instantly upon purchase of the Battle Pass. After that, unlock Stunt Double Dallas, Tough Guy Trench, and the ultimate Battle Pass reward: Hellfire Protocol Scorch. This bold reimagining of Scorch as a deadly cyborg who’s programmed for pyrotechnics is one of the most ambitious outfits yet from our team – and it’s currently only available in the Season One Battle Pass!

New 2v2 mode and start of season 1 with new rogues
At the "Hi-Rez Showcase" new details about the future of Rogue Company were revealed. It was about the coming weeks as well as the general vision for the future.

What will happen in the coming weeks? A new 2v2 Wingman mode should appear next week, from January 11th to 15th. It's a classic deathmatch on a small map.

The first season of the game should start at the beginning of February. She brings:

    The new Rogue Kestrel
    A reset for ranked
    A Battle Pass with 50 levels and free and premium content. The latter is available for real money, although it should only be about cosmetic content

There will be another update in the middle of the first season. Another rogue and the new map Hollows are to be published there.

Improved ranked system
So much for ensuring fair competition and ecstasy for reaching goals, the Rogue Company ranked mode is now made up of stages divided into divisions, where players are promoted and demoted based on performance. This structure is complemented by new features such as positioning matches, group restrictions and seasonal rewards.

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