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Soccer Stars Coins Soccer Stars is a table soccer game in the style of the famous Subbuteo. The app has competitions with different levels and from different countries such as England Portugal and Spain and allows you to play with family friends and people from all over the world.

Soccer Stars is a football masterpiece from the famous Miniclip development studio known for such masterpieces as Gravity Guy Monster Island Plague Inc. and many others. Getting to know him will be traditionally simple. First of all the user needs to log in using social networks which will be needed to play with friends and complete various tournaments.

 Soccer Stars

Soccers Stars on a technical level does not show new elements neither when it comes to the gameplay nor for the technical sector. The graphics are very minimalist especially during the game where a football field Buy Soccer Stars Coins pawns and a scoreboard are represented. The animations especially the menu slide and the movements of the pieces are excellent there are no slowdowns or flickers and everything flows smoothly on the screen. As for the sound sector however great work has been done for the effects so real that you will feel like you are in a real stadium and at the same time will give you the energy to win the game. For example during the game you will hear chants whistles a commentator who will shout at your every goal all very nice indeed. While for the soundtrack there is a rock-style one during your stay on the menu.

Soccer Stars By winning challenges we earn coins and fans. The latter are to be considered as experience points: once a certain number is reached we level up. The more money we pay the more fans we grab. At each level pass you receive ten banknotes to use to buy new formations or change the design placed above the discs.

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