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It’s no surprise that us Southeast Asians have been waiting with bated breaths for Wild Rift to be out. No news about the game has been released ever since its announcement during the Riot Games’ 10th anniversary. However, some alleged info about the game have surfaced online. It has been reported that the game is currently in closed beta testing and we will be seeing the game launched next year once Riot Games is done tying up some loose ends. A participant of the closed beta, YikeZ, shared some info about the game.

YikeZ provided some answers to questions regarding the game, however. He touched on the quality of the game and some of the mechanics. The game ran smoothly with low ping and minimal lag, according to the article. He claims the games are each about 18 minutes and there isn’t really a way to speed them up. He also touched on some of the mechanics, abilities, and items in the game. The information shared by YikeZ hasn’t been corroborated with a known source from Riot, so it’s impossible to say if it’s legitimate at time of writing.

Players do still earn money if they don’t last hit minions but it is better if they do as they earn double the amount of gold. Last hitting is fairly easy as the minion turns white when it is time to last hit them. Vision-wise, players only get 2 wards instead of 3 like in the PC version of the game. There aren’t any Nexus turrets in the game but the Nexus itself is the turret and deals massive damage to players. So we can safely assume that a minion wave is definitely needed to end the game.

Riot is trying to copy as many mechanics and elements as possible, while also designing the game from the ground up. If they succeed in transferring even a fraction of the feeling you get when playing the full game, they’ll have a spectacular hit on their hands. Mobile MOBAs are already incredibly polished and deceptively fun and having League of Legends in your pocket is the stuff dreams are made of. Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy LOL Wild Rift Accounts from at a reasonable price.
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