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Standoff 2 is an online shooting game long awaited by Counter Strike GO fans. The title debuted its open beta test (soft launch) today and will be tested for a long time on Android. Currently, the game has only three weapons, two maps and only one game mode.

The game's main focus is online multiplayer with maps and gameplay very similar to Counter Strike. Standoff 2 has only 145 MB and to play you just need a device with Android 2.3 or higher. In Standoff 2, players face multiplayer games either as a terrorist or as a counter-terrorist. The maps are relatively large in size, as there are long-range weapons like the AWP.

According to the producer, there will be different game modes ("Deathmatch", "Defuse the bomb", "Arms race", "Capture the flag") and competitive modes like ("Defuse the bomb"). Another feature commented on the game download page on Google Play is that there will be Voice Chat. Standoff 2 has no confirmed release date, as according to the producers, the game will be refined throughout the beta test. In addition, Cheap Standoff 2 Gold is on hot sale at our website

It seems that the Standoff production company decided to take all the hype from its previous game. It is surprising that the game is not from a well-known company, and even so generates a great producer by the title. However, don't go too far into the pot, as the game is still in a very early stage.

Bugs will be very frequent in this first round of initial testing. Many players can't even log into the game. If you are unable to enter, wait a few days, as the demand for the game is very high and the Standoff 2 servers are not supporting the large number of players.
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