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Home > News > SynthesisVR is adding World of Tanks VR to its arcade line-up
SynthesisVR is adding another big gun to its arcade line-up; World of Tanks VR. We first played this official spin-off of Wargaming’s popular battle simulator last year. However, Synthesis will be giving the game a global rollout via its arcades on September 13th.

World of Tanks plays a little differently than you might expect. Instead of simulating a realistic tank cockpit, players find themselves sitting on top of their war machines. They then move the vehicle a little like it were a remote-controlled car. While perhaps not as authentic as some might hope for, it does provide fun arcade-style combat perfect for, well, arcades. Battles consist of two to four players choosing between three tanks across three maps.

In a blog post, Synthesis VR has stated that all the LBVR operators will have the WoT VR license without a Synthesis subscription thereby availing WoT VR in all the arcades without the requirement of any management software. World of Tanks is a simplified but impressive experience that has been built more for the thrill of the game rather than the passion for tanks. It is an interesting title that will introduce new players to the thrill of the core online experience. And if you want to Buy World of Tanks Gold, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

World of Tanks VR will be distributed via Synthesis’ own content delivery network. The game will be launched globally in hundreds of arcades on Friday 13th September 2019. Companies will host a World of Tanks VR Global Arcade Invasion Day to mark the launch of the game which will feature some competitions and giveaways.

World of Tanks VR isn’t the only major title that Synthesis has added to its lineup. Last month, the LBE company launched Slightly Mad Studios’ Project Cars Pro in its arcade. Synthesis provides a location-based entertainment operation package which also includes content from other companies such as Vertigo Games.  The standard plan costs $25 but the company has also unveiled a free version.
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