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Once you finished the main campaign in the original Division, the open-world of New York was mostly safe and boring. The opposite will happen in The Division 2. Once the end game begins, a new PMC-styled faction called Black Tusk will descend on DC and start capturing territory across the city and in the Dark Zones. You'll have a whole lot more work to do after they show up. The aforementioned tweet noted that there will be something called Priority Target Network, but this feature has not been explained yet, at least not to our knowledge. There is no doubt Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment will continue dripping info about the endgame before The Division 2's release on 15 March 2019.

One final note is that the pre-order offer is only open until March 31. Whether you've already pre-ordered or are planning to, be sure to claim your free game sooner rather than later. Ghost Recon Wildlands is your best bet if you're looking for an experience akin to The Division 2's gameplay. Both games are military-style third-person shooters, though The Division 2 leans more heavily into its RPG mechanics. If, however, all you care about is exploring an open word, any of the three games should suffice. At the very least, this offer is a great way to round out your Ubisoft game library for free.
Spoiler warning for a three-year-old game, but the original Division's vanilla campaign ends with a boss battle against no lie a heavily armed attack helicopter. After all the somewhat-grounded, close-up combat against dudes in hoodies and gas masks, it was the most beautiful jumping-the-shark moment I had experienced in years. I don't know if we'll fight full-on choppers in The Division 2, but we can at least take down helicopter drones and reminisce about the old days.
The Division 2 just recently wrapped its closed beta, and now an open beta is on the way. If you beloved this report and you would like to get far more data with regards to TD2 Credits kindly check out the web-site. The open beta will be freely available to all when it arrives in early March. The same contents from the private beta should transfer over, including the Black Tusk endgame faction. After the open beta, The Division 2 launches in full on March 15. Along with PC, the sequel is also launching for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Are you excited for the open beta in March? Let us know. Recently, Ubisoft announced that it will exclusively release its games on the Epic Games Store going forward. Many consider this to be a major blow to Steam because "AAA" experiences generate a lot of revenue, much more than the sales of a lot of smaller games combined.
If you missed out on The Division 2's recent closed beta , don't fret too much. Ubisoft is giving all interested fans a chance to try the sequel out ahead of its full launch. An open beta for The Division 2 is on the way, though it doesn't begin until early March. Rumors of an open beta first started circulating this past weekend after an inadvertent slip-up on Ubisoft's part. During a weekend livestream, one of the game's developers specifically mentioned an open beta in response to a player issue. It wasn't until yesterday that Ubisoft finally confirmed the coming of an open beta via Twitter.
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