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How to fight BOSS at the end of MapleStory 2? As the final Boss of the copy, if you do not hide its skills, it is easy to cause the group to destroy. The end point is the finale of the new 4 people. The damage of the copy should make many players have a headache, but as long as you correctly understand some of the skills of the division of labor, it will definitely help everyone to pass.
Tip 1: Place the red cube crystal protection ring in the copy in the monster, and then stand at the point, use the advantage of division of labor to quickly clean up the platform monsters.
Tip 2: In the copy, Ishuro will interfere with the player on each platform, and often release the dark moonlight to cause high damage and knockdown effect on the player. In this case, the player can jump directly off the platform and use the drop mechanism perfectly. Avoid the attack.
Tip 3: It is especially important to clean up the debuff mobs. It is necessary to reduce the number of debuffs to ensure fast passage.

End of MapleStory 2


Boss Skills Introduction Analysis
In addition to the skills that the Rubik's Cube interrupts, Ishro has many powerful skills. If you are not familiar with the BOSS skills, you may be killed under the sword. If you are you looking for more about Cheap MS2 Mesos check out our website. The curse of Ishuro: The curse of Ishuro surrounds the entire copy, reducing the maximum physical strength and speed of movement basically the amount of blood that is killed by the mobs and the 99% slowdown.
How to deal with it: Wear 4 sets of alien armor and resonate with the red cube to offset the curse. Time bomb: Ishuro shoots out the dark energy to name the player and blast at the end of the time. If the player's indicator coincides, it will directly kill the spike.
Coping method: After being named, the player needs to have a tacit understanding to move away from each other in four directions or take the undead syrup. Shadow Sword: Ishuro wants to squat in front of him, causing high damage and stun effect on the player in the front fan range must avoid it in time, after being stunned, it may not be able to avoid being killed by subsequent damage.
Coping method: The lifting action of this skill is very obvious. After seeing the starting skill, use the displacement to leave the indicator range in time. Double Shadow Sword: Ishro is heavily squatting on the left and right sides, causing high damage and stunning effects on players on both sides of the sector. How to deal with it: When Ishro uses this skill, stand on his front or shift away from the indicator range. Twisted space: Ishuro is straight ahead, creating a twisted space in front, causing high damage to players in range.
The copy is moderately difficult, and the hesitation of the copy is high, so the player's defense requirements and blood volume requirements are also higher; at the same time hesitating the map has more elites, so the player's output requirements are higher.
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