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FIFA Mobile has undergone a major overhaul. Campaigns, Player Training, Ability Boosts, Game Changes, and more. And even receive a free item from Cristiano Ronaldo, improve any player with GER above 100, and ride your Ultimate Team with stars of the present and past in the most authentic mobile soccer game of all. How many events are so attractive? Not sure, because what players need is in valuable rewards. An elite 80+ player card, some money is quite what players expect. They expect something more "different", better quality, even more rare than skill cards, 60+ player cards are equally valuable. So what did EA give to the players through the events?

The Icons event in the past required a user to have players of certain nationality and club on their team in order to play a match which would hand them the icon. That is still the case however now there are skills games and matches a player can play before he she can reach the match which asks for players of certain nationality and club. Icon players can be claimed by accumulating eight icon points over eight matches as winning a match gives one point and through icon squad building challenges which require a team of particular ovr for the person to claim the Icon. Apart from this there are squad building challenges which give different rewards like XP, Coins and players. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap FIFA Mobile Coins, you can visit our website

Events mode is unlocked at level two. It's very easy to get to level two. Players can complete some campaign activities such as skill training for some quick experience. They will also receive rewards such as FIFA Mobile coins. Each time players level up they get a prize. Once players have unlocked the events mode at level two, they can give it a go or continue leveling to four. At level four, leagues mode is unlocked. Players should check the activities list to see how to get more rewards.

FIFA Mobile will also offer a series of 88-OVR Elite Player items. These players can be found in the packs and special Cold-Footed Player Plan, which will let you have one of these special players upon completion. Cold-Footed Players can then be boosted from their original 88-OVR to 92-OVR by completing their specific plans. You can also unlock the 95-OVR Anthony Martial by redeeming Elite Football Freeze Players.

Not only that, the accuracy of the animation is also enhanced to provide a smoother playing experience. EA calls the gameplay offered by FIFA will not be found in other soccer games available for mobile devices. In addition to improving animation, controls for players when they survive are also developed better. A number of new moves, from step over, lane change, to heel-to-heel were also added.
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