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We know we have lost the tracking system in Pokemon Go. It’s so useful. Although Nitantic has developed some new features to replace it, we still want it back. The old tracking system is 1-2-3 step tracking system. Let's look at the old tracking system. The Pokemon that are lower down on the list are likely to be three footsteps away, the ones in the middle are more likely to be two and those at the top are more likely to be one footstep away. The Pokemon closest to you will be listed as first on the tracker.

Latency may throw off the tracker a bit at times. Additionally, the tracker can let you know when to find new hunting spots. If you're in a crappy spot, there won't be many Pokemon on your tracker.  As you walk, away from the Pokemon, it will drop down on the list. It's kind-of like playing "Hot or Cold" as a kid. As the Pokemon move up on the list you're getting "hotter" and as they move down you're getting "colder." Because of the use of Pokemon Go bots, Nitantic has removed it and warned people who use cheating program in the game will be banned permanently. But now it seems the tracking system will back. 
To date, fans are waiting for updates on the accurate Nearby feature for Pokemon GO that could give the exact Pokemon's location. This will greatly aid in the completion of the Pokedex.In other updates, the Pokemon GO multiplayer is already being developed for months. According to sources, this feature will also be integrated very soon. However, the team is needing ample time before they are introduced officially. The new Nearby system being tested in San Francisco ties Pokémon spawns to specific PokéStops. 
In addition to the “Sightings” feature, which merely pops Pokémon in and out of the list as you walk, so you can loosely track them that way, the new Nearby system specifically tells you that this Pokémon is at one specific PokéStop nearby. If you get there in time, it should be within a pretty close radius to the stop, not quite as a small as lure range, but nearby all the same. Archit Bhargave, Niantic's representative, confirmed that Niantic is exploring how the multiplayer will work. They are also working on how they will incorporate this in the reality game.
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