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Home > News > The Nightmare of Ashihama is available now for players in Old School RuneScape
For nearly two decades, players have been able to journey into RuneScape, offering a world to explore and people to meet. Now, players are able to use the relationships they've built in that time to tackle a new challenge in Old School RuneScape, the Nightmare of Ashihama– an all-new raid featuring up to 80 players at once.

The Nightmare of Ashihama is available now for players in Old School RuneScape, and can be accessed by traveling to the catacombs of the Sisterhood Sanctuary in Morytania. There, players will face a boss simply called "The Nightmare." Those that are visiting Mrytania for the first time will need to complete the "Priest in Peril" quest before they can proceed, but after that, they're free to tackle the boss with up to 80 players. It's a neat piece of content for the game, though the updated version of RuneScape got dinosaurs in a recent expansion, which does sound a little bit more interesting.

Reaching the Nightmare of Ashihama is as simple as entering the vampire haven of Morytania and taking a boat to Slepe, just outside of Port Phasmatys. Once you’ve arrived, head south-east to the Sisterhood Sanctuary and go inside. From there you just join any instance you like and get to work. By the way, you can buy Cheap Old School RuneScape Gold from, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “Z2U”.

Unfortunately, getting a party together in Old School RuneScape can be difficult. Since no specific PvM world exists like in RS3, you’ll have to resort to clans, Reddit, and the forums to find a party. Alternatively, the Nightmare of Ashihama can be treated as a solo boss for very skilled, high-level players. As for loot, it’s not great but the handful of signature drops arguably make up for it. The Nightmare of Ashihama’s unique drops all have a very rare drop chance. Although, the exact odds haven’t been figured out by the community yet.

Found in the catacombs of the Sisterhood Sanctuary in Morytania, the Nightmare of Ashihama is the first group boss unique to Old School RuneScape that has a co-op focus. It can be attacked in groups of up to 80 players, with the difficulty scaling as the group gets bigger, though only the very best will be able to fight the Nightmare alone. Every player who takes part in the fight will get their own reward, so that no-one needs to scramble to claim the best loot.
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