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Players from Spain, Italy, France, Holland and Germany are going to have to summon their best monsters for hard real-time battles in order to get a chance to become a World Champion. You will find here the results of the various matches, the replay of the semi-final and final Chene and codes that will work a few days. You will find here monsters that are often played in RTA, and that you will see for sure in future competitions.
They are all formidable gamers who have surpassed hundreds of top players for the prestigious Summoners War escorts. The event will be streamed on Com2uS official esports channels in six different languages and on the channels of some of the high-reach commentators. Announced last year at the Summoners War World Arena Championship, Kirkman, along with Skybound co-founder and CEO, David Alpert, and Star Wars. It really sounds like they've put a considerable amount of effort in making this a great experience for attendees. The quarter-finals will be played in the best of three rounds, while the semi-finals and the final will win the best of five rounds.
The players clashed in Bo3 for the quarter-finals and then in Bo5 for the semifinals and the final. The matches will be played according to the rules of the RTA Real Time Arena, but with its SWC mode. Should you loved this informative article and you would want to receive more details with regards to Cheap SWSA Accounts I implore you to visit the web-site. Much rarer than the monsters above, they are also very difficult to fight. Here is a list of the most used monsters in RTA:

Summoners War Escorts


Ragdoll - a liability that boosts your team as soon as your enemy makes a critical hit.
Giana - a bomb, and a zone streap that stun if a beneficial effect has been removed.
Artamiel - counterattack as soon as the enemy makes a critical hit, while boosting his attack bar. Run in despair, it is a permanent threat.
With this annual tournament, Summoners War has done a great job of pulling fans around the world closer together. This mode is added to the pre-ban feature, when the player is allowed to ban an enemy beast before even selecting the beast to start the game. Working closely with Com2us, Skybound promises to deliver not only a deep and engaging origin story, but content in various formats that will be the perfect companion piece to the game.
Summoners Wars is one of those games that has been super popular forever, and it has been real neat talking to people who just are completely absorbed by it and play at the highest levels. Events like these are a real celebration of that dedication. Matches that have been commented by Mana and Junpei for the Francophone community.
The World Final will be broadcast live on the YouTube channel Summoners War Esports, starting at 10am on the 13th, with the participation of famous Vietnamese caster in the Summoners War community. Admission to the event is free and attendees will receive a limited edition swag bag, including exclusive Summoners War merchandise. To qualify for the Americas Cup, 16 players also known as Summoners were selected based on their scores from the World Arena Season 5 and last year's semi-finalists and finalists from New York.
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