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The open world of Forza Horizon 4 is based on the United Kingdom, the map is more expansive and true, and the beautiful scenery of the four seasons is amazing. Here are the Journey to the Horizon 4 vehicle track and modified tuning strategy guide, come and choose the car you like to enjoy.
The Forza Horizon series is very famous as an old-fashioned racing game. With its meticulous modification system and custom-made painting system, the Forza Motorsport series can reach the GT Racing series. The popularity of the higher, not only that, the immersiveness and comprehensiveness of its adjustment and modification system allows the simulation players to change their ideal car in the game.

Horizon 4 Vehicle Track


The Forza Horizon series is produced by Playground Games, and the open world of the series is the biggest highlight of the original series. The open world of Forza Horizon 4 is based on the UK, the map is broader and more authentic, and the official has confirmed that there will be 450 cars in this work. In addition, Forza Horizon 4 also has a seasonal change system that allows players to synchronize the time, season, and weather of the day in a fully shared open world. In case you have almost any issues about where by in addition to the best way to work with Forza Horizon 4 Credits xbox one, you possibly can email us on our own page.
The Horizon series has always been an open big map free-form model, full of street events and temporary events, but since this stage has come to the British Isles, then come to know some famous tracks in England.
Located in the heart of the UK, Silverstone is one of the most frequent races in the world, and Silverstone is the birthplace of the British racing industry. The predecessor of Silverstone was a military airport during the Second World War. It began to host the British Grand Prix in 1948 and became the first F1 World Championship in 1950. Although the first F1 event in the world was held, the Silverstone track was not taken for granted as the only venue for the British Grand Prix.
Since 1955, the British Grand Prix has been alternately held by Aintree and Silverstone. In 1964, the British Grand Prix was held in turn with the BranDSHatch track, which is also popular among the British. It was not until 1987 that Silverstone was truly synonymous with the British Grand Prix.
The Silverstone track has long straight lanes and high-speed corners, which not only test the performance of the car, but also test the limits of the driver's driving skills and courage. In 1999, Michael Schumacher broke his leg here, and the world champions won the competition until the final of the Japan Suzuka Grand Prix was won by Mika Hakkinen.
The Silverstone track is fast and requires the car to have excellent aerodynamics, which is challenging for both the driver and the car, the Abbey bend and the last S-turn of the Priory. The bends and the Luffeild bends are quite level, and drivers generally use intermediate downforce adjustments. The starting line for this track is very weird. Not every driver can see the start signal. The race is a public road closed race car running in a timed format. Each racer completes the entire 6-lap track and the shortest can be the champion.
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