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Last week, some date show that the mania of Pokemon Go has declined. I thinks maybe children have to go back to school is the main reason. But Nitantic has also made some changes of Pokemon Go. In the code for the game, astute players have found coding for a Pokemon Go Buddy. What’s Buddy system? Every people is talking about the rumor that we may soon be able to walk our Pokemon in Pokemon Go. 
Niantic has said that it plans to release updates for Pokemon Go about every other week. And recently, those updates have happened on Mondays. Since we didn’t get an update this past Monday, there’s a chance that the Pokemon Go buddy system will show up in an update this Monday. That also happens to be Labor Day, so it’s unclear if that will affect Niantic’s decision or not. Remember to check your app store to see if the app’s been updated on Monday night or Tuesday morning. If it has and you don’t have automatic updates set up, you’ll want to update Pokemon Go right away.
According to Pokemon Go Hub, much of the coding for Pokemon Go buddies is already in place after the latest update. It just hasn’t been activated yet. What’s the buddy system? It will allow you to choose a Pokemon that'll walk alongside your avatar, earning you Pokemon candies in the process. It's not yet known how many candies you'll be able to sweat out of your favourite critters per day, but code did show that some Pokemon would walk alongside you, others will fly and some will even sit on your shoulder. Candy, for the new Poketrainers out there, is what's used to evolve your Pokemon in the game.
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