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Home > News > Warframe latest expansion Empyrean is now live on PC
The Empyrean content update for Warframe, which brings large scale spaceship PvE battles to the already bustling third-person shooter MMO, has arrived on the game's Xbox One and PS4 versions. The patch's arrival brings the console versions up to speed with the PC version, where it landed first last week during the Game Awards.

Empyrean offers next level cooperative gameplay. The focus of the update revolves around a planetary system on the precipice of The New War. Both veteran and new players find themselves playing closely together through high-level cooperation and communication skills. In addition, players get the chance to use new upgradeable offensive firepower. However, in order to succeed, players need to keep in mind offense and defense. If you want to Buy Warframe Platinum, I think is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it's very safe.

Empyrean also brings with it new innovative game systems that expand the space battle fantasy already offered by Warframe. There's no question that the new upgrade systems are not only powerful, but also deep. These include choosing simple Railjack aesthetics all the way to contstructing powers, armor, and weapons. One feature that players can look forward to are the Intrinsics, where they get to experience a new and reliable RPG progression system. Playing through missions lets players earn Intrinsic points in order to be able to build their own player ranked skills.

Space combat is just the start of a number of promises and answers Digital Extremes intends to deliver on in a new generation of Warframe. The Railjack offers an incredible new way to play the game. On the ship, everyone plays a part, from pilot to gunner to engineer, to ensure survival among the stars. You can customize a good portion of your own Railjack to suit your own needs. The ship features multiple hardpoints for different weapons, as well as customizable active and passive abilities to be earned and equipped as you will. You’ll discover more pieces for your ship via salvage quests across the Origin System.
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