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If you think you are talent in football of EA Sports video game FIFA 19, and know everything that contribute to score, I will tell you a trick that you can’t do well – Passing. Don’t be so confident that you have a good pass skill, most of gamers don’t know when to make pass for defense or offense. If you just let the ball rolling around your players to find some attacking opportunity, it’s a deep misunderstanding of passing in football games. You should learn following tricks that not limited in defense of offense.
Pass Should Be Serious
Don’t pass always, if you don’t know what you should do, you can try to read what your opponent want to do. Keep an eye on his Striker and Winger, when they displace swiftly, they want to make a blitz, then you can make a long pass to your goalie to reset the situation. And this operation can be made by any player on the field. But if you want to get the most out of it, I suggested you use it with players with high dribbling stats.
For example, we've got the Ribery on the ball, he has got quite good driven stats so he can perform the moves perfectly well. It's easy for you to improve the dribbling skills effectively and get past defenders in 1v1 situations. Next, we are going to use the face up dribbling as a weapon to win time in the final third of the field while for your teammates to join the attack. It’s a miserable experience to earn FIFA 19 Points in Ultimate Team mode, but if you go to, things will be much easier. Playing Division Rivals and FUT champions you will face this kind of situations, so it is better to know how to deal with it and get the most out of each opportunity.

FIFA 19 Stadiums

Read Your Opponent’s Mind
Because you have a good perspective on the football ground and every player’s position, you can make a targeted plan for current situation. Your FUT 19 journey begins with Career mode Alex Hunter and Wade, but you cannot take them to the Ultimate Team mode. All players for your FUT squad comes from FUT Packs. But you can’t talk to your players in real time, you only allocate the general arrangement, but how to perform it depends on your players’ cognition.
EA FIFA 19 Passing Guide for 2019
New year 2019 comes with cold weather and EA Sports endeavor of improving FUT 19 to a new level. If you feel unsatisfied with the FUT 19, you can contact to report glitches or bugs, we will help you to find out the solutions.
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