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From the leaked information about buddy system of Pokemon Go, we expect the update of Pokemon Go anxiously. Early Saturday morning, Pokémon GO fans were greeted with an enthusiastic message from Niantic that the new update for the game was rolling out for iOS and Android, which would include the much-anticipated Buddy System that allows players to train Pokémon through walking. Recently there are some conjectures that may Nitantic can not add the buddy system in Pokemon Go for banning third-party program. Nitantic has announced that who used the third-party banned permanently.
And The company has executed this policy carefully. There’s some speculation that one of the more controversial aspects of the patch, the removal of all support for rooted and jailbroken devices, may have something to do with the delay. But it do not need to worry about. The latest update to Pokémon Go has begun to roll out to players across the world. From practically the moment that the patch was announced, Android players have been able to play on the new update via APK. As a result, nearly every aspect of the patch has been dissected in the last few days, from how long it takes to get candy for specific Pokémon, to even new easter eggs, like Pikachu hopping up onto your shoulder after you walk with him for 10 kilometers.
Much like the Easter egg that lets players control their Eevee's evolutions based on what they name it, this Easter egg is a reference to the Pokémon animated series. In it, Pikachu wasn't particularly fond of his trainer, Ash. However, after some time together, their bond grew stronger and he could often be seen perched on Ash's shoulder. So, whether your Pikachu sits on your shoulder from the exhaustion of walking 10 km, or whether it's out of a newfound affection for you, it's pretty darn cute.
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