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Pokemon Go has taken the earth this summer. When you walk in the street, you can see nearly all the people stare at their phone screen to chase for Pokemon. Although the game is so popular, I still explain what is Pokemon Go here. Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game which use devices’ GPS capability to locate and capture Pokemon. The game encourage people go outside and look for Pokemon and it brings people back real world. Maybe we all have played virtual reality game such as The Sims. Although The Sims is also popular, but it’s not like Pokemon Go achieved so great success. Why? 
On the latest episode of Recode Decode, Niantic CEO John Hanke said he sees augmented reality as an important complement to his company’s guiding philosophy, that games should happen off the couch and outside of the home. In the case of Pokémon Go, players have to travel — including to places they may never have visited before — to find and catch all the Pokémon in the world. "From the very beginning, our games were about encouraging people to go outside and see interesting places," Hanke said. "So [I have] mixed feelings about people looking at their screen while we’re trying to lead them out into the park where they can see the statue and trees and nature." "Maybe at some point in the future there will be augmented reality glasses which overlay Pokémon and other things seamlessly into our environment," he added. "But those don’t exist yet, so we’re looking for those interim steps."
Pokemon Go spurred renewed interest in augmented reality, the technology that lets virtual objects appear as though they’re in the real world. Much like Apple CEO Tim Cook, Hanke predicted that AR will reach greater heights than virtual reality, which employs headsets such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive to surround players in an all-virtual environment. "It is the direction that I think is far more interesting and promising — for technology and, really, for humanity," Hanke said. "In a VR situation, you’re isolating yourself from everyone around you and entering this completely virtual space. AR is designed to add, enhance the things you do as a human being: Being outside, socializing with other people, shopping, playing, having fun. AR can make all those things better." But, he acknowledged, convincing AR is "significantly more challenging" to create.
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