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Pokemon Go recently launched a combined fun and freedom of the game, you can play this game Pokemon wherever you want, inside the sprite Pokemon game is randomly distributed, you will find that when you play this game, you will encounter surprises in the game, probably when are you going to play with friends in the thinking and time, the wizard will appear in the game, you can catch them and then train these elves, you can enhance Pokemon skills in combat.
The “Nearby” tracking system in Pokemon Go — the one that’s supposed to let you actually figure out where Pokemon are hiding without walking aimlessly — has been broken since day two or three after launch. It went from kinda working with a functional-if-confusing “footprint” system (three footprints = far, one footprint = close) to not working at all (all Pokemon showing three footprints regardless of distance) to just being totally removed.

Pokemon Go has many kinds of function, you can look for more information in this regard. When I took my track, I first saw it. These changes are obvious: it is listed next to a bunch of Pokémon, near PokéStop photo - that dispersed players in the game equipment, as they pass through the position in the real world - and gave me a big hint, it where: Updates to the user launched a Pokemon tonight, the change log referred to a new neighborhood and tracking system is "a subset of the user's" testing.
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