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If you’re not familiar with the Zombie Army games, and are wondering how they managed to get to number four without you noticing, they were originally PC-only spin-offs from the Sniper Elite series. They were never intended as anything more than a bit of silly co-op fun but became unexpectedly popular and the first three games were eventually ported over, in one giant-sized compilation, to consoles.

It is neither slow, nor shuffling, and you are advised to run towards it at great haste as it is about as refreshing a shooter as we’ve seen recently.

Like its predecessors, the third-person arcade adventure doesn’t take itself too seriously. Indeed, it ramps up the trademark, finely crafted Nazi nonsense to an all-new level - throwing plenty of all-new undead threats in your direction, each of which being as deadly as they are droll.

It’s honestly a thrilling experience, especially for fans of one such type of series, which somehow honors the spirit of Left 4 Dead while humbly moving forward on its own in an entirely different light. It’s fun and somehow it still comes with a few shortcomings that games in one such genre have before, which all tie down to the fact that repetition can set in after long sessions of the game.

Zombie Army 4's most common enemies are the slow shambling variety, but the game throws them at the player by the hundreds. As the campaign progresses, Zombie Army 4 introduces TNT-wearing sprinters called Suiciders, giant Elites wielding powerful weapons, zombified tanks and even Nazi officer zombies who can resurrect fallen enemies with occult powers. The gameplay alone is thrilling, with threats often coming from every angle and players constantly scrambling to get a moment's respite to reload or line up a headshot.

Played from a third person, vaguely Resident Evil style viewpoint, Zombie Army’s greatest achievement is how surprisingly proficient it is at confounding your expectations. At first the fairly low rent presentation and perfunctory storytelling (zombie Hitler has raised an army of the dead is about all you need to know) is thoroughly underwhelming, especially as the default zombies are slow-moving Romero-esque ones that you seem to have all day to deal with.

The story is largely hokum. Zombie Hitler is now dead-dead, not just dead, but his original plans to mobilise an undead army have resulted in an apocalyptic level of infestation. You are one of few survivors trying to flee rather than contain the hordes and, er, that’s it really.

There are some twists and turns along the way, but it’s best not to think about it too much. After all, it’s not meant to be War and Peace - more War and Pieces. Zombie sharks, remember?

One of the things to appreciate is that: This team is small. They’re good though. Their performance for the game doesn’t find any issues on a PlayStation 4 Pro, never once staggering when the going gets tough and the tough gets going. I’ve never noticed the game drop below 60fps at any given time despite it’s being set in 1080p – unless there is a hidden dynamic resolution scaling system put into place to ensure framerates remain ever-so-smooth.

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